Core Faculty

Edward P. Armstrong, Professor; PharmD, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1981 Drug use evaluation, medical and pharmacy database analyses, pharmacoeconomics.

Marie Chisholm-Burns, Professor; PharmD, Mercer 1993

Brian Erstad, Professor; PharmD, University of Arizona, 1987 Critical care medicine with emphasis on blood product derivatives, blood conservation strategies, infectious diseases and related outcomes research

John E. Murphy, Professor, PharmD, University of Florida, 1979 Clinical pharmacokinetics

David Nix, Associate Professor, PharmD, University of Georgia, 1984 Infectious diseases

Paul E. Nolan, Professor, PharmD, University of Kentucky, 1980 Cardiology

Eric Snyder, Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Minnesota, 2005 Factors regulating renal Na+ handling and lung fluid balance in healthy humans and in patients with hypertension and heart failure, and how common genetic variation and gene-by-gene interactions influence renal sodium handling and lung fluid balance.

Other Clinical Faculty

Richard N. Herrier, Clincal Associate Professor; PharmD, University of Southern California, 1970 Ambulatory and primary care pharmacy practice

Michael D. Katz, Clinical Associate Professor; PharmD, University of Kentucky, 1979 Internal medicine, infectious diseases and nutrition

Asad Patanwala, Clinical Assistant Professor, PharmD, Drake university, 2002

Theodore G. Tong, Professor; PharmD, University of California, 1969 Disaster preparedness

Other Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Faculty

J. Lyle Bootman, Professor; PhD, University of Minnesota, 1978 Outcomes and pharmacoeconomics research, pharmacoepidemiology, international pharmacy systems

Daniel C. Malone, Professor; PhD, University of Texas, 1993 Pharmacoeconomics and health services research, with an emphasis in pharmacy demonstration projects and economic issues associated with the pharmaceutical industry

Terri L. Warholak, Assistant Professor, PhD, Purdue University, 2001 Medication safety and quality improvement

Grant H. Skrepnek, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Texas, 2002 Pharmacoeconomics, policy, and outcomes, industrial organization economics, strategic management, financial asset valuation and technological change in the pharmaceutical industry

Marion Slack, Professor, PhD, University of Arizona, 1988 Scientific method and research design, specializing in meta-analysis; development and evaluation of community-responsive practice models and pharmacist participation in community health